MA Linguistics

University of Victoria, Canada

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As a student in our MA in Linguistics program, you will be able to conduct research on a wide range of topics from language variation and change, to theoretical linguistics, to topics in language revitalization and community based research.

  • Type: On campus
  • Start: September
  • Language: English


  • Duration: 24 months
  • Fee national: $8,383
  • Fee international: $9,951

Whether you are headed towards a career as a speech language pathologist, or wondering how to pronounce words in Kwak’wala, we have a place for you here!

Our student support: As a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics, you have access to various kinds of support both within the department (your supervisor and graduate advisor) and outside of the department (e.g. Graduate Student Society, TA Union, and UVic Councelling Services). Your primary "go to" person within the department is your supervisor. He or she can help you navigate through the requirements specific to your program, help you decide on your coursework, and generally support you as you work towards your degree.

Entry requirements

  • A Letter of Intent (maximum 2 pages) outlining a) why you chose to apply to the UVic Linguistics graduate program, b) how your background has prepared you for this program, and c) what area of study you hope to specialize in.
  • Transcripts from the post-secondary institutions at which you have studied
  • Two assessment reports (= letters of reference)
  • Your most up-to-date curriculum vitae (resume) *A writing sample: maximum 5 pages of a publication or major term paper (research-based if possible). Note: partial papers are acceptable, the idea is to give us a sense of your experience in Linguistics (and/or related fields), as well as of your writing style.
  • Evidence of your language proficiency if you do not come from a designated English speaking country. Note that the requirements of the Linguistics department are stricter than the general UVic requirements. Here are the minimum required scores to be admitted to one of our graduate programs:
  1. TOEFL: the minimum score is 600 on the standard paper-based test, 250 on the computer-based test, or 100 on the internet-based test
  2. IELTS: the minimum score is 7 on all components of the test

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